Jodie Comer's Villanelle seeks answers to her family in Russia on Sunday's episode.

Home is where the heart is. And for Villanelle, that is where her heart was broken and never healed. She was left at an orphanage in Russia at a very young age and turned into a cunning, globe-trotting psychopathic assassin. You've had questions about her pre-prison Oksana days — and a few answers will be doled out in Sunday's episode of BBC America spy thriller Killing Eve.

At the end of last week's episode, "Still Got It," Villanelle (Jodie Comer) followed up on the information that Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) provided about the whereabouts of her family, and viewers last saw her getting off a train in Russia. In this exclusive clip, you can see what happens when Villanelle shows up unannounced at the house where she believes her family lives and lets herself in. You know. As she's known to do. And as you will see, after creating considerable confusion, she makes at least one connection.

"This is something that everybody has lied to her about," Killing Eve executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle told EW of Villanelle's past. "So ever since she got picked up to be trained as an assassin, one of the ways to control her was to say, 'There is no option for you. There’s nobody there for you. They probably didn’t love you in the first place. By the way, they’re all dead.' It’s twofold. To realize that you've been manipulated is a very powerful thing for somebody like Villanelle, who wants to be in control and feel that she is where all the power lies. That's one thing that has really driven her. And then to try to find out why, if people are still alive, nobody came to try to find you is a big thing. Again, that would impact on her ego. And she’s spent quite a long time trying to think about who she is, so to be faced with your family and to try to analyze where you came from or how self-determining you are is going to be fascinating for a character like Villanelle, who’s really quite analytical, but at the same time, at the moment, quite emotionally volatile."

The episode "might challenge Villanelle as to what she really wants out of life and what feels good." See how good she feels when "Are You from Pinner?" airs Sunday at 9 p.m.

(Still trying to process that brutal pitchforking of Niko? Here's some intel.)

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