"It's disastrous," hints star Fiona Shaw of the relationship between Carolyn and her daughter.

In a delightful twist that no one saw coming, Killing Eve… is returning sooner than you think. BBC America has moved up the season 3 premiere date for the slicing, enticing spy thriller from Apr. 26 to Apr. 12. The fallout from the season 2 finale — you know, when assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) shot MI6 operative Eve (Sandra Oh) in the back? — will be explored when the action resumes six months later, and several key new faces will be introduced. Among them is Gemma Whelan (best known as Yara from Game of Thrones), who enters the picture as Geraldine, the ultra-empathetic daughter of Eve’s former boss, the enigmatic Carolyn (Fiona Shaw). Below, you can get your first look at the character. And below that, Shaw will drop a few hints about what to expect what happens when Carolyn and Geraldine are reunited.

Killing Eve
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“Ummm… it's disastrous,” Shaw tells EW with a laugh. “There is a part where Carolyn says, ‘In some ways, you were always your father's child, and Kenny (Sean Delaney) was mine.’ For all the peculiarity of their relationship, Kenny and his mom have a lot in common. They're both slightly obsessive and maybe slightly on the spectrum, and they go on very well in their silence. They didn't have to speak much. I’m thrilled that Gemma has joined the family. And it's hilarious because Carolyn is just absolute a red rag to a bull with all of this feeling and self-help and emotional talk. It drives Carolyn mad!”

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Gemma Whelan; Fiona Shaw
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Shaw won’t reveal the precise circumstances that bring Geraldine back into the family fold, though it doesn’t appear to be related to the spy world, which Kenny did enter. “She hasn’t on the surface anything to do with the family business,” says Shaw. “That's not her interest. You'll find quite quickly that she's the one who got away. But she comes back and she tries to organize the household in a more organized way, which Carolyn really doesn’t like. It's good because you get the family dynamic of there is love there but whether there’s actual like there is a difficult thing to say. They're very different people — put it like that. So there's plenty room for complication in this.”

And in every relationship on the show. Killing Eve executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle recently told EW of season 3: “It’s the most personal season — and the most emotionally rocky season." Comer, meanwhile noted that Villanelle will be "trying to gauge some sense of control." More clues about season 3 from those two can be found here.

Killing Eve

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