"Garry would love this," the SNL alum told Ellen Degeneres of the situation.

A burglar broke into Kevin Nealon's house and stole a special necklace that contained the ashes of his friend Garry Shandling — and he wants it back.

"Somebody broke into our house when we were gone," Nealon, who took an extended trip to Tennessee amid the pandemic, told Ellen Degeneres during a recent visit. "He got away with some [things] — nothing really major, but some sentimental — some watches that I had that were my father's. And also, he took a necklace that meant a lot to me because it was an urn with Garry Shandling's ashes in it."

Nealon jokingly explained that Shandling gifted him the ashes before he died. He said, "That's very strange because he's very prepared."

Kevin Nealon and Garry Shandling
Kevin Nealon and Garry Shandling were close friends.
| Credit: Kevin Nealon and Garry Shandling at Rock the Cure, an auction of 50 custom-made Gibson guitars designed by celebrities and rock stars to benefit The Expedition Inspiration Fund for Breast Cancer Research at the Hard Rock Cafe on May 3, 2005 in Los Angeles.

Nealon and Shandling were close friends for nearly four decades before the latter's passing on March 24, 2016, from a pulmonary embolism. He was 66.

The Saturday Night Live alum is sharing some advice with folks who may find themselves in a similar situation.

"What I've learned, is when your house has been broken into, you should check the pawnshops, like if you lost a watch, or if you lost Garry," Nealon shared as the audience roared with laughter. "I've been calling pawnshops and I'm saying, 'You have not seen Garry, have you?' They said, 'Garry Shandling?' And I said, 'You may not recognize him, he's in an urn. I'm not sure what part of him is in the urn. It might be his lips, but then again, maybe that urn's not big enough."

He added, "Garry would love this."

Watch the interview above.

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