Hart's comedy special from home is now on Netflix.
Kevin Hart Zero F**ks Given
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The special was shot in Hart's own residence, with the 41-year-old comic clad in silk PJs in his living room.

"This feels right to me," Hart says early in the special. "This right now feels right, in the comfort of my own home. Getting back to the basics."

Zero F**ks Given touches on both the public and private reckoning Hart has had to go through in the aftermath of a turbulent 2019, a year in which he did not host the Oscars after stepping down months earlier in response to blowback over old homophobic tweets, it became public that he had cheated on wife Eniko Parrish, and was in a near-fatal car accident — putting him out of commission at work until 2020. The accident also impeded his bathroom activities, as he jokes about in the new special.

"Question number one is, do you have an ass wiper in your life?" Hart jokes, referring to having a significant other who'd be willing to, well, you know.

Hart also has a name drop toward the end of the special, describing what seems to be a casual brick-oven pizza dinner at the Jerry Seinfeld residence.

"The same people that built his house, built mine. Nobody asked me if I wanted a brick pizza oven," Hart says.

Zero F**ks Given comes nearly a year after Hart released the six-part Netflix docuseries Don't F--- This Up, Hart's early attempt at an olive branch with his fracturing fan base by showing viewers the backlash of his actions as they unfolded in real-time.

Below are some of Hart's top revelations from the special, including the moment he realized he got COVID-19 right after Tom Hanks, and how he's come to learn from Gen-Z.

Testing positive for COVID-19 at the same time as Tom Hanks

In August, Hart revealed he had been diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier in the pandemic. He tried to explain why it had taken him so long to tell people he was once positive.

"It was me and Tom Hanks," Hart says  "I had to keep it a secret. You're not beating Forrest Gump."

Hart continued to joke about trying to sniff out who could have exposed him to the coronavirus in his own house.

"Who brought the 'VID in this house?," he says in the special while mimicking himself. "Dirty-foot Pam did it." 

The 2019 car accident that left him "near paralyzed"

On Sept. 1, Hart was a passenger when his car rolled into an embankment in Malibu Hills, Calif., causing him to suffer major back injuries and undergo surgery. Hart says in the special that the 10 days in the hospital were a moment of reflection for him, a chance to reconsider his priorities.

"After surgery, I went eight days without going to the bathroom," Hart begins his hospital bit by saying, adding that one should find a partner, like his wife, willing to be there the whole time.

Hart discusses the status of his relationship with Parrish extensively in the special. Parrish even has a cameo in the intro when Hart is playing around in bed with his family before going "downstairs" for the show.

"My wife's biggest problem. Chasing her past? Trying to redo what she did when she was younger," Hart says at one point, adding "It's okay with getting old. Stop fighting old age." 

What happened to his "other b----es" after the infidelity scandal

In Don't F**k This Up, Parrish addressed discovering Hart's affair and his alleged extortion at the hands of Hart's former friend Jonathan Todd Jackson in 2017.

"I'm happy that it kind of happened. I get sensitive every time I talk about it," she explained at the time. "He's f---- up, this was a bad one, this was major. Nine years and I think looking forward, it'll be better."

Hart addresses the cheating briefly in the special. "All the other b----es left me after the sex tape. Every b---- I had, left."

Later on, Hart describes what it's like to go out with his friends while Parrish wonders who he's with.

"Ladies, you don't know how not to give a f---," Hart says. "You're always searching for a f---."

His weird, evolving relationship with fans

Hart takes time to touch on the reckoning he's had with his fans in 2020.

"You won. You beat me up. You f---ing won man," Hart says. "At one point in time, fame was the most sought after and best job on the f---ing planet."

He continues: "You switched it on me, man. For the longest time, celebrities looked at people as the weird people. You switched it. We're the weird people now."

Getting to know his kids — and Gen-Z

A heartwarming moment in the special comes when Hart goes into detail about investigating his teen daughter's suitors. "I gotta act like I like it. I don't. You gotta act like you do," he says. In the bit, Hart opens up about needing to embrace not only his daughter's journey but that of her generation.

"I love that in my specials, you get to see the growth of my kids," he says as he looks back on his 16-year comedy career.

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