Annie Murphy is here to show that the wives on sitcoms are more than just nagging caricatures or the butt of every joke. They have rich inner lives that may or may not involve fantasies of killing their schlubby yet charismatic husbands.

In the trailer for the new AMC dramedy Kevin Can F**k Himself, the Emmy-winning Schitt's Creek star plays Allison, the meek wife to boisterous Kevin McRoberts (Eric Petersen), who begins to break out of the perfect housewife mold and pursue a life that doesn't revolve around her irksome spouse.

Explaining how the show, executive-produced by Rashida Jones, mixes the traditional multicam sitcom format with the more dramatic single-cam format, creator Valerie Armstrong told EW, "On our show, we follow [Allison] out of that sitcom world where there is no laugh track. Her dramatic life is full of grit and emotion that she's not afforded in that sitcom."

"It's not a show within a show," Armstrong adds. "She's not an actor. It's just the way this world is presented. It's like a lens. It's a metaphor for the benefit of the doubt we've given men like Kevin forever. Men who get to like walk through life with a sitcom audience cheering them on all the time."

Watch the first trailer for AMC's Kevin Can F**k Himself , which is slated to debut this summer, above.

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