Are you listening? Kelsey Grammer has some new details about the upcoming Frasier revival.

Admittedly, it's not much. But during an interview on New York's NBC 4 on Thursday, the Emmy-winning actor teased what the Paramount+ revival of the sitcom will look like. "Frasier's gonna change cities again," Grammer said, calling his character "the George Bailey of television," in reference to Jimmy Stewart's It's a Wonderful Life protagonist. "He thinks he's gonna go off and do one thing, and sure enough, his life takes him in another direction," Grammer said, "and he ends up rich beyond his dreams."

If that last bit is also meant to evoke It's a Wonderful Life, chances are Frasier won't end up rich in the monetary sense, though it's fun to imagine Grammer swimming in money Scrooge McDuck-style. (To be fair, it's fun to imagine almost anyone swimming in money Scrooge McDuck-style.)

Grammer added that he's "reached out to everybody" about returning, including former costars David Hyde Pierce, Jane Leeves, and Peri Gilpin. He also confirmed (again) that the revival will address the passing of John Mahoney, who played Frasier's father, Martin Crane. (Mahoney died in 2018.) "We intend to deal with that some in the first episode," Grammer said.

Leeves, who played Martin's live-in physical therapist Daphne Moon, previously told EW that she would not leave her role on Fox's The Resident should a Frasier revival happen. However, that wouldn't necessarily rule out the possibility of her working on both shows, should scheduling permit.

No premiere date for the Frasier revival has been announced.

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