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September 30, 2020 at 09:00 AM EDT
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Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed claims she killed her uncle Shane Patrick Moore in self-defense, but what actually happened on July 16, 2016? Dateline NBC correspondent Keith Morrison deconstructs the events that led to Moore-Reed's second-degree manslaughter conviction earlier this year in the news magazine's season 29 episode, ″A Killer Role,″ airing Oct. 2 at 10 p.m. ET.

Perhaps the most intriguing element of this case is Moore-Reed herself. While the author and blogger, who goes by the pen name Tucker Reed, was awaiting trial on a murder charge in her maternal uncle's shooting death, she was also working as an actress (credited as Wyn Reed) in the low-budget horror film From the Dark, in which she played a killer.

″This is a story partly about this remarkably talented young woman whose name is Tucker Reed,″ Morrison tells EW in an exclusive interview. ″Tucker was a very interesting and very complicated young woman. She was the product of a broken home. But she was an amazingly talented young actress going places. She had been to college. And she'd auditioned for this horror film that took place in the wilds of southern Oregon, in a scary resort where somebody is going to be killed before the end of the story — and she is the one doing the killing. She does brilliantly, but as the film is in post-production, someone realized she looked like this other woman who was on trial for manslaughter but had a different name. It turns out, indeed, there's a whole other story involved here, as we'll see on Dateline NBC.″

According to video from the local NBC affiliate KOBI, Detective Tony Young of the Medford Police Department testified during Moore-Reed's bail hearing that Shane Moore was shot within 10 seconds of his arrival at Moore-Reed's grandmother's home. Moore-Reed had previously obtained a restraining order against her uncle, and when he knocked on the door, Moore-Reed was in a heated debate with her mother and grandmother over a quitclaim deed in the presence of a notary public, as captured by Moore-Reed on her cellphone. The footage turned out to be damning for Moore-Reed, as it appeared to show that she did not kill Shane Moore in self-defense. Moore-Reed further hurt her case by not telling detectives about the existence of the footage.

″You might want to follow the two primary women in this story, Tucker and her mother,″ Morrison teases. ″This is really a story about a family and the dysfunctions that build up in families. And about the people that sometimes drive those dysfunctions, and where they can inevitably lead.″

In an exclusive clip from the episode, Moore-Reed is shown breaking down while standing before a judge in court. But with her background as an actress, was she being forthcoming or just playing another role for the cameras?

″Maybe it was a little of each,″ Morrison says with a laugh. ″This is a young woman who was used to getting her way and who would complain when things wouldn't go exactly as she wanted them. So, could she not be happy with the way things went that day? Perhaps. Those sitting in the courtroom were not sure. Wait until you see when Tucker interviews with the police officers in their interview room — fascinating!″

Moore-Reed pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter in May and sentenced to six years and three months in prison, which she is currently serving at Jackson County Jail. In January, the 30-year-old found herself on the wrong side of the law again, and she will face additional charges for allegedly possessing drugs in jail. Morrison says with the ongoing nature of her case, Dateline NBC is planning a follow-up story on her.

″We'll probably be doing another version of this story when we have more time to tell it,″ he says. ″It's a very rich story. It wasn't just one movie. It wasn't just one alter ego. It wasn't such an uncomplicated case at all; it has tentacles that go everywhere, and in a future version we'll be telling it.″

He adds, ″They're watching her. Some people try to get away with everything. It's just the way some people are in life.″

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