Cabin fever is real, folks.

By Nick Romano
April 15, 2020 at 09:14 AM EDT

Think of the strangest thing you've ever done as a result of cabin fever in quarantine. It's probably no weirder than comedian Keegan-Michael Key acting out a one-minute recap of the three-hour-plus Titanic movie.

It began when Conan O'Brien asked his guest about his "A Movie in a Minute: Aliens," which entailed Key recording himself recapping the 1986 sci-fi horror movie in one minute for social media. You can watch that, too, below via Key's Instagram account. The Friends From College and Dolemite Is My Name actor that video was just "the first installment" of what will be more to come.

"Is there any other one that you're thinking of doing?" O'Brien asked.

"I could probably do a rough Titanic," Key said.

Of course, O'Brien wanted to see it in action. It was only supposed to be a "tease," but then the Conan host started timing Key, who was able to get from "We found a boat. Old lady, have you seen this drawing?" to "My heart will go on and on" in 60 seconds.

It's no stranger than Matthew McConaughey dressing up as bounty hunter "Bobby Bandito" and nailing coronavirus Most Wanted signs to trees in his backyard.

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