"The whole thing is so bonkers," Hahn told Seth Meyers on Late Night.

Warning: Spoilers from WandaVision episode 7 are discussed in this article.

Kathryn Hahn doesn't understand it. One day she's dealing with the prolapsed anus of a kitten from her local Kitten Bungalow animal shelter that her 11-year-old convinced her to foster, and the next she's topping the iTunes soundtrack chart for her 63-second WandaVision song, "Agatha All Along."

"I don't understand it. I know, it's amazing. It's so crazy. Seth, what's happening?" she reacted to Seth Meyers, who asked her about the song's success during a Late Night interview.

"I don't have social media, so the whole thing was like filtered down through all this," Hahn continued. "I was like, 'Are you kidding me?!' It's so funny. Meanwhile, I'm outside scooping dog crap, scooping cat crap. The whole thing is so bonkers right now." (Just prior to this comment, Hahn had regaled Meyers with how her family has been fostering all these kittens during the pandemic and how her daughter, Mae Sandler, gives them a "feces report" at dinner.)

"Agatha All Along" debuted at the end of WandaVision's seventh episode, and on top of revealing that Wanda's (Elizabeth Olsen) nosey neighbor Agnes was really the powerful witch from the comic books Agatha Harkness all along, the song was a bop. Disney released the track, on which Hahn belts the refrain, on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music in the days that followed.

The song quickly topped the iTunes soundtrack chart, and it was only usurped by Post Malone's Pokémon cover of "Only Wanna Be With You." "[That's] a testament to the Lopezes who just wrote that crazy, awesome, delicious 47 seconds," Hahn said of composers Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. "The whole thing is so bonkers."

"It's wonderful to see that it's inspired so much interest in the fans," WandaVision director Matt Shakman told EW. "We share the various memes and stuff on TikTok among the cast and crew and writers. It's so wonderful that we made this thing with so much love and passion, and it has been received with so much love and passion by the fans."

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