Watch Karen Fukuhara's reaction to finding out this little tidbit.

In major news that will fundamentally shape the future of The Boys forever, Karen Fukuhara's Kimiko will become a lover of musical theater in the recently renewed third season, particularly movie musicals.

Yes, there was loads of sarcasm in that declaration, but it did make for a fun moment in EW's Around the Table interview with the cast of Amazon's superhero-riffing seres.

As Fukuhara was discussing where the show left off with the super-powered Kimiko in season 1 versus where we now find her in season 2, showrunner Eric Kripke had an update that the writers recently figured out for her character.

"We figured it out for season 3 what her favorite movies are, and she loves Hollywood musicals," Kripke said. "That's her thing. She'll be watching like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers or West Side Story." And here we thought The Grudge was more her vibe.

In season 2 of The Boys, premiering this Friday on Amazon Prime Video, the titular group of vigilante Supe-fighters are in hiding. They are America's most wanted, hiding out in the basement of a cash-for-gold joint run by a Haitian gang. For Kimiko, "she's trying to communicate with the Boys so that she can assimilate a bit more and be a part of the team," Fukuhara says. "I think in the first or second episode you see her learning how to write and it's a cute little thing she's doing," she adds. "She's learning!"

Watch the clip above.

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