Showrunner Eric Kripke says it's "ridiculous" Amazon isn't selling the Seven-themed sex toys: "They are leaving so much money on the table by not selling these."

Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Boys season 3, episode 4.

Karen Fukuhara had the most fun she's ever had performing an action sequence in the fourth episode of The Boys season 3. It just so happens the scene in question involved dildos.

In "Glorious Five Year Plan," the Boys crew are on a mission in Russia to track down BCL Red, which they believe to be the weapon that killed America's hero Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) years earlier. They're hoping it will be strong enough to defeat the seemingly invincible Homelander (Antony Starr). But first, they have to make a detour.

Russian mobster Little Nina (Katia Winter) knows the location of BCL Red, but if the Boys want the information, they're going to have to do something for her: assassinate a Russian oligarch. Fukuhara's Kimiko is forced to pose as a prostitute and infiltrate this man's mansion, where he reveals his stash of prized dildos, each one inspired by a member of the Seven. Those sex toys then become the weapons of his own demise as Kimiko uses them to kill the oligarch and his men.

Karen Fukuhara's Kimiko wields, ahem, a deadly weapon on 'The Boys'
Karen Fukuhara's Kimiko wields, ahem, a deadly weapon on 'The Boys'
| Credit: Amazon Prime

"The dildo sequence was the most fun I've had on an action sequence ever, not only because it's ridiculous. As a viewer, it's insane," Fukuhara says of that moment in the latest episode of EW's On Set series. "I mean, I don't think it's ever been done in the history of television. And at the same time, we needed to do a lot of rehearsal."

Fukuhara started rehearsing with stunt coordinator John Koyama weeks, maybe even months in advance of the episode to drill the specific beats. The idea was for the dildos — including Homelander's Star-Spangled Banger, the Deep's Flounder Pounder, and Black Noir's Silent Screamer — to be treated like kali sticks, which are used in Filipino martial arts.

"It's funny because they're dildos, but at the same time we have to be very accurate with all the moves," Fukuhara says. "By the time we got to shooting, I knew the choreography so well that we could change things on the day. We added some wire work in there where I'm climbing on top of a guy." She admits there were some injuries on set, specifically when she whacked a stuntman in the head with a dildo accidentally. "Yeah, death by dildo was not the best way for that stuntman to go, but he was a great sport about it and we love him."

A Russian oligarch flaunts his collection of the Seven-themed sex toys on 'The Boys'
A Russian oligarch flaunts his collection of the Seven-themed sex toys on 'The Boys'
| Credit: Amazon Prime

Showrunner Eric Kripke tracks the evolution of the dildo scene from conception to execution: "It started with we wanted Kimiko to have to go on a hit, because what she's really wrestling with is this violence she's being forced to commit over and over again, and the cost that it's bearing on her soul," he explains. "She just doesn't want to be this weapon. And then at the very last minute, we were like, 'OK, well, how do we make this crazy?'"

Executive producer Meredith Glynn, who wrote the episode, pitched the dildo idea and then the props master came up with what each of the Seven-themed sex toys looked like.

"It's ridiculous that Amazon won't sell these. Like, ridiculous," Kripke says in that way of his where you don't fully know if he's serious. (Though he probably is.) "We bring it up every chance we get. They are leaving so much money on the table by not selling these things. That's my point. I think there just needs to be a write-in campaign. It's obvious, right?"

Amazon ended up meeting him half way. Following his interview with EW, the streamer launched a website, featuring "sex toys by Vought to supercharge your sex life." Most of the dildos seen in episode 4 are available, though they all conveniently happen to be sold out or discontinued.

Kripke responded to the site by writing on Twitter, "If you work hard enough, and dream big enough, nothing is impossible. Click below for proof."

The first four episodes of The Boys season 3 are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Watch the latest episode of EW's On Set above to learn more behind-the-scenes secrets from "Glorious Five Year Plan."

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