Stephen Colbert donning his Joe Biden aviators, Trevor Noah remembering how Harris once "dusted" Biden in the debates, and more.

As Trevor Noah joked on The Daily Show Tuesday night, hours after Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his pick for vice president, "the man went Black and he's not going back."

Late-night hosts, from Noah to Stephen Colbert, had some fun with the big Biden-Harris presidential bid, but also acknowledged the historic significance of the day. Noah called it "a great moment for her and America" with Harris becoming the first Black woman and first person of Indian descent to be nominated for national office.

"I'm surprised he picked Kamala even after she destroyed him at that [Democratic] debate," Noah said. "In fact, part of me thinks he only picked her so she could never dust his ass in public again. This isn't a VP pick, this is an insurance policy."

Colbert, who threw on his Biden aviator sunglasses on The Late Show to address the news, also noted how Harris went after Biden "with hammer and tongs" during that debate. "She hit him so hard, he was spitting teeth like Chiclets all over the stage." He also wondered exactly how Donald Trump was going to be racist towards Harris. Sliding into his Trump accent, he added, "I demand to see both of her birth certificates."

Sarah Cooper, the comedienne made famous by her Trump lip syncs on TikTok, guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, just after Dua Lipa took the reins. She touched on Harris briefly in her introduction: "Hi, I'm Sarah Cooper and I have an important announcement I am not gonna be the next vice president of the United States. It was down to me and Kamala but Joe wanted to go with someone who has 'experience.'"

Jimmy Fallon called Harris' backstory as a Democratic senator from immigrant parents as "an inspiring story" from the Tonight Show stage, "unless you're Trump, then it's a Stephen King novel."

Fallon also dressed up as his old-man Biden character to field questions over the "Zoom boxes," but all press wanted to know about were if Harris was nice in person and if they would go on vacation with them. "Do you ever think you'd want to be the vice president again? Maybe, like, next?" one "reporter" asked Fallon's Biden.

"She's only had the job for a few hours, but Kamala's already gearing up for a debate with Mike Pence," Fallon said. "That's why she spent the whole day arguing with a mannequin at Kohl's." James Corden had a similar gag on The Late Late Show, only it was Harris arguing with "a jar of mayonnaise."

"This is massive news. This is an important moment in history," Corden said later on. "I think I speak for all of us that we're really, really hopeful that Joe Biden won't do anything crazy and mess this whole thing up."

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