Theroux's uncle calls out the actor for perpetuating phonetic misinformation!

By Joey Nolfi
April 28, 2021 at 10:08 AM EDT

Family: If for nothing else, they're here to embarrass us. Even if you're A-list actor Justin Theroux heading up a new TV series.

In a new featurette teasing Theroux's upcoming Apple TV+ series The Mosquito Coast, the actor's uncle, Paul — author of the novel the series is based on — confirms that his nephew often mispronounces the family name.

"The main character is played by Justin 'Ther-oo,' my nephew," Paul says with a laugh, stressing the 'oo' sound at the end. "Sometimes he calls himself Justin 'Ther-oh.' It's a French name. It's 'Ther-oo.'"

He goes on to say that he was "delighted" to learn that Justin was enthralled enough with his work that he wanted to adapt it for the small screen.

"And there are some lines that are not in the book that are in the series that Justin has channeled from family history," he says.

The Mosquito Coast
Justin Theroux's uncle Paul Theroux wrote 'The Mosquito Coast.'
| Credit: Apple TV +

While excellence in art might've rubbed off from his uncle, phonetics don't work the same way, as Justin goes on to explain that his character, Allie Fox, is "based loosely on multiple family members," but primarily draws inspiration from his grandfather, Albert 'Ther-oh,' "who was a very industrious man."

The Mosquito Coast — which follows Theroux as a family man who relocates his brood to Latin America — premieres April 30 on Apple TV+.

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