The actor shares what he thinks are the essential episodes of the NBC drama to get you into the show.
This Is Us - Season 3

Planning a This Is Us binge? Justin Hartley is here to help.

During an appearance on Entertainment Weekly's Quick Binge, the actor who plays Kevin Pearson on the NBC drama offered some recommendations on what three episodes to watch for fans just getting in to the show for the first time. "I think you’d watch the pilot, because if you don’t watch the pilot you’re not going to know what the hell you’re watching," he began. Logical.

Then, deciding three episodes wouldn't cut it, Hartley offered up three more episodes to complete your intro to This Is Us. "I think you watch the episode that is about Randall (“A Hell of a Week: Part One”, season 4, episode 11), the episode that is about Kate (“A Hell of a Week: Part Three”, season 4, episode 13) and the episode that is about Kevin (“A Hell of a Week: Part Two”, season 4, episode 12)," he shared. "That’s the three kids and you kind of get their story and their life going forward. So if you had four hours, I’d say watch those four.”

Got it? Ready to begin your binge? Enjoy. Watch the clip above.

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This Is Us - Season 3
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