The season's first HOH got a little ahead of himself, didn't he?

Big Brother has its first eviction! Lucky for us, we have the world-famous Chenbot at our disposal to sort it all out each summer. Why did it take so long to increase the prize money? How about all those teams? And what's up with all those tears after the first eviction? Let the irreplaceable Julie Chen Moonves explain.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What did you think about Travis' comment 'white guy with abs goes first.' Did the house make the right decision in evicting the 22-year-old tech sales consultant from Hawaii?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: What he was referring to was the so-called "surfer's curse."  We talked about that in my post-show interview, which can be seen on the CBS Big Brother IG account. We had three other male surfer types be the first one evicted in the past (Jace, season 17; David, season 15; and Braden, season 11). I also thought he might be acknowledging a white male with his profile is what many call "white privilege" and he'd have a hard time making a case for why he should win the money to his housemates.  

Why do you think it took so long for Big Brother to raise the prize money from $500K?

This is the season of more risk, more reward! Now that we crossed the 20-year mark, I think it felt safe to up the ante!

Give me one pro and one con about having teams this season.

Pro: no houseguest left behind! Con: you feel super alone/betrayed when your own team leaves you behind!

Julie, I really cringed when the first two nominees broke down in tears, especially Kyland. They hadn't been in that long! What were your thoughts?  

I thought wow, this summer has gotten off to an intense supersonic speed start.  Also made me see how fragile the human ego is. 

Julie Chen Moonves.
| Credit: Bill Inoshita/CBS

What do you think about Frenchie?

I think Frenchie is well-intentioned but got ahead of himself. Being a super fan made him play too hard too fast.

 "Always exercise empathy and wisdom." That's the way you signed off your first live episode! Was that your contribution and why?

Yes, that was my contribution. Living through the pandemic and all the events of the past 16 months has led me to my faith. I started reading, studying the Bible. If we were all Christ-like, we'd be living in a different world and be better off. Imagine a world where everyone had empathy and wisdom… and always used both. Amazing.  

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