"This moment in history was a win for all people of color," she says.
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Julie Chen Moonves made a little history herself this week on Big Brother when she acknowledged on camera the unprecedented success of the game's six Black players. Here, Moonves explains why it was so important for her to acknowledge the Cookout and how Derek Frazier — who certainly isn't the strongest player when it comes to challenges — can still win this nutty game.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why was it important for you to acknowledge to the houseguests on camera that they made history?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: Because they made positive history, and it's not information that will affect how they play the game in the remaining weeks. I personally feel it's something to be celebrated and acknowledged by all hearts, minds, and souls! Again on a personal level, I feel it's important to share the fact that my Chinese American cousins and I who were all born here in the U.S. to immigrant parents felt this moment in history was a win for all people of color. We felt like the Cookout making it this far was a win for us Asians as well. I do want to be clear, though: If this was information from the outside world that could affect how the game would be played from the moment I announced it, then we would not have been allowed to make it.

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In that jury video, I was surprised to see that Derek and Britini didn't grasp what we have been seeing as viewers all along: The Black players were sticking together in hopes of crowning a Black winner. Derek also seemed genuinely shocked to learn there has never been a Black winner. Do you think all the evicted houseguests were blind to the unprecedented amount of people of color on the show this season and how it could lead to a historic outcome?

First of all, you have to remember the fact that you as a viewer saw it all, but people in the house either see what they want to see or they see what is being presented to them. The Cookout members were brilliant in keeping their unity under wraps. They didn't flaunt it, they didn't brag about it. They didn't weaponize it to intimidate others. Also, Derek and Britini are only 24 years old. I feel this is important to point out because it gives me hope for the future. I hope and pray all young people… use discernment when picking and choosing who they align with. And when they do see someone with different skin color, race, heritage, and native tongue, that they want to learn more about them to find common ground and unity in some way. We are all children of God and we are all created in His own image. Let's help people become the person God created them to be instead of dividing separating is from one another.

Tiffany thinks the Cookout turned on her when she refused to throw that HOH competition because she wanted to win it. Do you really think that was it? It seems like those dudes would never have let her win.

Well, it certainly didn't help, but I agree with you that the men probably weren't going to include her in any of their plans to survive in the game. People will naturally at first gravitate towards someone they can relate to. But as we have seen in the past and this season as well, that can only do so much. Derek has little patience for Tiffany. We saw that when he refused to allow Tiffany alone time with Britini. He brought Azah along with him to physically be a presence in the room so Tiffany wouldn't have alone talk time with Britini. He genuinely didn't trust Tiffany and it showed. This, by the way, is another reason why I think Britini didn't suspect the members of the Cookout were working together. The only time I see my theory not holding is when it comes to matters of the heart. Azah has said she has a crush on Xavier so she might not be able to see him objectively. She also has a trusting heart so it's easy for her to trust anything Derek F and Big D tell her.

By nominating Hannah, Azah reduced the chances of a woman winning this game. Do you believe Azah has a prayer of winning at this point?

I believe all things are possible with the strength of Christ. I don't know how deep her faith is, but if it's strong and if she has a personal relationship with the Lord, then yes it's possible! Derek Frazier has had zero luck in the competitions. It's so sad.

Derek can't win a challenge to save his life. Did you ever want to call the producers and say, can't you just let them build Lego houses or something?

I love Derek F! I feel like he has such a great social game that he doesn't need to win any competitions. Also, I have heard him say on the live shows he loves God and he loves his mother. In my humble opinion, if both are true, this guy is going all way! Amen.

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