"Joe Biden goes to church so regularly that he does not even need tear gas and a bunch of federalized troops to help him get there."

By Nick Romano
August 21, 2020 at 10:09 AM EDT

Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus earned most of the drop-the-mic moments at the fourth and final night of the virtual Democratic National Convention. There's a reason she's a Golden Globe-, Emmy-, and Mark Twain Prize-winning comedienne.

The actress roasted both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence by so poignantly reminding us all how Trump once tear-gassed a church for a photo-op, while she purposefully mispronounced Pence's name in the same way folks like Fox News host Tucker Carlson mispronounced Kamala Harris multiple times.

Tossing it back and forth with former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, Dreyfus said, "I cannot wait to see [Harris] debate our current vice president, Mika Pints. Or, uh, is it Paints? ... Some kind of weird foreign name?"

"Yeah, not very America sounding," Yang replied.

"That's what people are saying... strongly," Dreyfus said.

She didn't pull her punches with regards to Trump. Dreyfus told a funny story about how she thought one of her magazine cover opportunities could potentially be with PEOPLE, Vogue, or Rolling Stone, only she found out it was for Arrive, the official onboard magazine of Amtrak trains. "Which nobody ever reads, even though it's free," she joked. "And the day it came out, my phone rang and it was the vice president [Biden] telling me he loved the cover and the whole article and that it was one of the best issues of Arrive he had ever read. And that is just one of the many reasons that I wanted to be here tonight for Joe — and to remind you that he not only knows how to read, but also he reads everything."

Dreyfus then urged people to text "VOTE" to 30330 "to learn about all of your voting options and make the best plan for how to vote in your community, wherever you are." She added, "An easy way to remember 30330 is that's the year Donald Trump will finally release his tax returns. If we all vote, there is nothing Facebook, Fox News, and Vladimir Putin can do to stop us."

For the record, it was just on Thursday when a New York City federal judge ruled that Trump must release his tax returns to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr.

Dreyfus offered another easy way to remember 30330: it "would be the president's golf score if he didn't cheat. Okay, look, I'll admit that was a little nasty, but we all know he's a cheater. And I'm proud to be a nasty, nasty woman" — the latter being a reference to all the times that Trump referred to female politicians critical of his behavior as "nasty" women.

Perhaps Dreyfus' most memorable line, however, came when she said, "Just remember, Joe Biden goes to church so regularly that he doesn’t even need tear gas and a bunch of federalized troops to help him get there." In June, police threw tear gas at a crowd of anti-police brutality protestors outside of St. John's Church in Lafayette Square. The crowd included a visiting priest. Shortly after the crowd dispersed, Trump walked over to the church and posed for a photo opp while holding a Bible

On a less lampooning note, Dreyfus spoke about her past struggles with breast cancer and Biden's "warmth" towards her during that time. "One of the first people who called me was Joe," she recalled. "His real warmth and kindness on that call, man, I gotta say it made me cry. Our current president has made me cry, too, but it's never had anything to do with his warmth or kindness. Joe Biden's empathy is genuine, you can feel it."

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