The funnyman will bring his common sense and life experience to decide cases.

Steve Harvey is heading behind the bench in primetime. Get ready for Judge Steve Harvey.

The funnyman will be the judge and jury for a new primetime unscripted comedy currently using that working title, ABC announced on Thursday during its portion of the Television Critics Association Summer Tour. 

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey
| Credit: Santiago Felipe/FilmMagic

The newly-minted TV judge will adjudicate conflicts — big and small — across the series, which has been greenlit for 10 episodes. Harvey is expected to employ common sense, paired with his own life experiences as he decides cases throughout the hour-long program.

Casting is currently underway, with the show set to premiere in 2022.

As for Harvey's experience, while we don't think the Celebrity Family Feud host has a law degree, he was in You Got Served in 2004 (which is not about receiving an obligatory court summons, but actually a dance competition film).

He also used to do an "Ask Steve" segment on his syndicated series Steve, where audience members would seek his advice on their problems, like if three times a day is too often to call one's mom (see below). 

Judge Judy had a primetime special in 2014. Jerry Springer moved into the judge game, but in daytime syndication back in 2019.

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