The star of Peacock's Dr. Death tells EW that his upcoming Fatal Attraction series is an 'even more emotionally intense' version of the story told in the classic 1987 film.
Lizzy Caplan as Alex Forrest and Joshua Jackson as Dan Gallagher in Fatal Attraction

Quick, hide your Leporidae!

We don't know much about the Paramount+ adaptation of Fatal Attraction, but star Joshua Jackson just delivered one hare-raising detail: "There is definitely a bunny."

Speaking with EW's The Awardist podcast about his (Emmy-worthy) performance in Peacock's Dr. Death, Jackson also took a few minutes to tease the upcoming series based on the Oscar-nominated 1987 thriller starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close. Jackson stars as Dan Gallagher, a married man whose brief affair with a woman named Alex (played here by Lizzy Caplan) ends with obsession, violence — and, apparently, another pet bunny boiling on the stove.

Jackson says the new series from writer/exec producer Alexandra Cunningham (Dirty John) is "an even more emotionally intense version of the story" set in present day. "That allows us to update some of the sexual politics of the [movie], and because we have eight hours to tell the story, it also allows us to delve much more deeply into that Glenn Close character and... give a richer sense of how that woman became [who she is], and why she did the things that she did," he explains. "That movie is basically every man's worst nightmare come to life, and our show is a nightmare. It is a nightmare for men." And bunnies, Josh! Don't forget the bunnies.

Just as Dr. Death — which told the true story of an unscrupulous spine surgeon — may embolden viewers to seek a second opinion from their medical providers, Jackson hopes that the new Fatal Attraction will "make all men faithful to their wives forever forward."

Listen to our full interview with Jackson, as well as a delightful roundtable with the cast of Abbott Elementary, on EW's The Awardist podcast:

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Lizzy Caplan as Alex Forrest and Joshua Jackson as Dan Gallagher in Fatal Attraction
Fatal Attraction (TV series)

Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan star in this series reimagining of Adrian Lyne's 1987 erotic thriller.


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