The Jonas Brothers are going in blind.

On Nov. 23, Netflix will air the Jonas Brothers Family Roast, but on Oct. 30, Joe, Nick, and Kevin are sitting backstage, only hours from walking out into the spotlight and getting roasted by the likes of Pete Davidson, Lilly Singh, host Kenan Thompson, their own wives, and many more. They're dressed and ready to go, and they seem to be in good spirits, but it's clear in talking to them that they have no idea what kind of night they're about to have.

Before they head out on stage, they sit down with EW for a brief chat about how the roast came about and what they're expecting.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Is this an idea you all had or something that was brought to you?

NICK JONAS: A little bit of both. We had always talked about wanting to do a roast and finding the right moment and partner to do it with. We had a meeting with Netflix, and I think at the introduction of the idea we were already full steam ahead. They were on board right away and then we kind of had a second-guess moment of: "Are we sure we want to do this?" [Laughs] But we're here now! So we'll see what happens.

What made now the right moment?

JOE JONAS: Just all things kind of lined up. We have an incredible host, Kenan, who came to the table and joined forces with us to make this really special and we were wrapping this tour up and we thought, what better way to finish this tour than with being humiliated on stage? We felt it was best to really humble ourselves and have all of our favorite comedians make fun of us. We gotta be ready for Thanksgiving and humble ourselves. Show a lot of gratitude.

You're producers on this, so did you have a say in the lineup?

JOE: We literally don't know what's happening. We haven't gone to rehearsal. Yesterday we stopped by the stage just to see it and that was it. We're going in blind. That's as much as we know.

Is anything off limits?

NICK: Not really. 

Do you regret not putting anything off limits?

JOE: [Laughs] We'll see.

KEVIN JONAS: It's a little hard to. You just let the comedians do what they do.

NICK: As you just mentioned, we are producers and we control the final cut so... [Laughs]

JOE: There's a reason we take everyone's phones away before they go inside. 

Have you all talked amongst yourselves to get prepared?

JOE: We've had conversations [about] boundaries but we're also brothers. Boundaries schmoundaries. We know what we can and cannot do and, also, we're not trying to break the band up again. My jokes are fun and there's a couple gut punches. You gotta go for it. 

Jonas Family Roast
Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas on Netflix's 'Family Roast'
| Credit: TERENCE PATRICK/Netflix

Who has the thinnest skin? Who's going to be the most wrecked from this?

KEVIN: The real answer is probably me.

Are you all thinkers or feelers? Have you taken Myers-Briggs?

NICK: I'm a thinker. 

KEVIN: I'm a feeler.

JOE: I'm a thinker. 

KEVIN: That's why I will be the worst.

JOE: It's not the Jonas Brothers Family Toast, it's the roast. We came here to play.

NICK: Very clever, I like that.

So have you made plans for recovery after the roast?

KEVIN: I'm immediately getting on a plane after this and going home.

JOE: He's flying out.

KEVIN: I will have an entire country separating us to wind down. So that's my plan. 

NICK: I'm gonna drink some wine, probably have some pasta, and just cry. I'll watch The Notebook or something. No, I'm kidding. 

Who do you expect to come at you the hardest?

KEVIN: Jack Whitehall is incredible. Those Brits...

JOE: They come swinging. Probably our wives. They've got the most ammunition here of everyone who's going to be up on the stage.

Did you discuss limits with them?

JOE: I don't know what she wrote so it's going to be quite fun for me. And she refuses to hear any of my bits so we'll see how it goes. Ask me tomorrow. Ask my therapist.

Which of you is the best roaster?

NICK: I think we're going to find out tonight.

KEVIN: This is not my comfort zone, I'm just going to be real. 

NICK: He's definitely the worst.

KEVIN: Yeah. I'm not sure I'm going to be 100 percent amazing.

NICK: You're going to be amazing, Kev!

KEVIN: I definitely have jokes that are mean enough

What is mean enough? How do you measure that?

KEVIN: Will they still talk to me tomorrow? And then one less than that.

JOE: Probably not. There's going to be a couple days buffer before I speak to you guys.

KEVIN: That's fine. That's good. 

NICK: I think we should set a rule that we check in every couple of hours. [Laughs]

JOE: "Hey man, the thing I said about your hair, that was a joke, okay?"

Outside of you three, whose roast would you partake in?

JOE: Niall Horan's would be quite fun.

KEVIN: Yeah, that'd be great.

NICK: That would be good. 

JOE: He does something with us tonight, which is quite fun.

NICK: John Legend I think would be really fun.

JOE: And whoever surprises us tonight because we have to pay back all these people somehow. 

The Jonas Brothers Family Roast hits Netflix on Nov. 23.

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