By Marcus Jones
June 25, 2020 at 03:04 PM EDT
Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah
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Comedian Jon Stewart promises that it is not an act of self-deprecation when he says that his successor Trevor Noah elevated The Daily Show.

Appearing on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show to promote Irresistible, the new film he wrote and directed, the former late night host told Howard Stern that "the evolution of show was also about opening our eyes to some of the realities of business around us.”

While he was aware of the blindspots his writers room was wont to have as the standard set of "Harvard Lampoon school of pasty white guys sitting in a room,” when they would decide to diversify the room, it would be "diversity for diversity sake." "We realized is we weren’t changing the system," he adds, "we were just granting access to a club everybody should have had access to in the first place.”

Stewart acknowledged the tough position these writers were then put in being the only woman, and/or the only Black person in the room, now having to feel they have to represent for their community as a whole. While Stewart does not mention it specifically in the interview, one such instance exemplifying the show's this issue the show had is when writer Wyatt Cenac shared how he had once pointed out an impression Stewart did as something close to minstrelsy, and Stewart responded by shouting that he should "f— off."

Now, Stewart sees how Noah, who both is younger and lived through apartheid in South Africa, is more engaged with conversations on social media, and more aware of  the show's blindspots. “For Trevor, it’s a part of him. It flows from him naturally … It makes it better. The show is better.”

Watch the video above to hear Stewart's full comments on Trevor Noah.

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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