The rocker had no idea what the HBO series was when he cameoed on an episode.

Looks like Jon Bon Jovi might not be rushing to tune into the upcoming Sex and the City revival.

On Monday, the Bon Jovi frontman called into SiriusXM's Andy Cohen Live to chat about his new single, "Story of Love" and happened to share that he truly had no knowledge of the Sex and the City back in the late '90s — not even when he made a cameo appearance on the raunchy HBO series.

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"I started taking these episodes of TV shows to get out there and have more people see me to put me in their movies," the singer told Cohen. "I didn't know what Sex and the City was. It was the beginning of the second season and I was not caught up on the first one, so I really didn't know the impact that show was gonna have."

On the season 2 episode, titled "Games People Play," the rock star plays a man Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) happens upon in the waiting room at her therapist's office, who then becomes her romantic interest, natch.

"Now when I look back, I go, 'Yeah, I was on Sex and the City,' as if I knew, but I really didn't," he said.

Even when the episode aired, it didn't really hit him that the series was a big deal. Sex and the City is in good company though, as it turns out the rocker never watched Friends or Game of Thrones either.

"There's so much television...doesn't mean I didn't like it, it just went over my head," said Bon Jovi.


Someone get the man an HBO Max login ASAP. Listen to the interview above.

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