"I think I wanna go back to work again." Yes, please!

American Gigolo

Charm. Swagger. Biceps. Jon Bernthal does not disappoint in the new trailer for American Gigolo.

The Punisher and We Own This City star has been gaining more and more notoriety as he steps further out of character actor work and into leading man roles. (His personalized mix of machismo flair and endearing charm doesn't hurt his growing fan base either.) Now in Showtime's American Gigolo, a reimagining of the 1980 Richard Gere classic, he's putting it all out there.

Showtime announced the drama will premiere this Sep. 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, but the real news is Bernthal's smile as Julian Kaye has the power to shatter your soul.

"I think I wanna go back to work again," Julian declares. Cut to Lizzie Brocheré's Isabelle, an heiress to a ring of sex workers, slapping him in the face, throwing off her robe, and saying, "Show me what you can do."

The footage takes viewers back to Julian's childhood when the kid (played by Gabriel LaBelle) discovered he could always become "this other guy." As an adult, he works as an escort until he's framed for murder and gets 15 years in the slammer. But now he's out and trying to navigate his relationships with former lover Michelle (Gretchen Mol), his troubled mother, and the people who betrayed him.

American Gigolo, showrun by Nikki Toscano, features Rosie O'Donnell as Detective Sunday, who's still looking for the truth about the murder that put Julian in prison; Leland Orser (Ray Donovan) as Richard Stratton, a self-made tech billionaire, and guest star Wayne Brady (The Wayne Brady Show) as Julian's best friend and mentor Lorenzo.

Jon Bernthal as Julian Kaye in AMERICAN GIGOLO
Jon Bernthal is dripping with swagger as Julian Kaye in Showtime's 'American Gigolo' reimagining.
| Credit: Warrick Page/SHOWTIME

"It's hard to believe it's been more than 40 years since the film release of American Gigolo and now we have the chance to continue the story of American Gigolo as a TV series," executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer previously told EW. "Expect heightened mystery, danger, and desires as Jon Bernthal takes the movie's iconic character on a contemporary, exhilarating journey."

Come for the gratuitous shirtless shots. Stay for the drama.

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