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John Stamos revealed he's been hiding a historic piece of TV history at his home and he's using it in an unusual way. The actor, who starred in both Full House and its Netflix sequel Fuller House as Jesse Katsopolis, shared a photo of his one-year-old son Billy posing next to one of the couches used in both sitcoms.

"Baby safety gate or one of the most iconic couches in pop TV history? You, make the call," he captioned the image.

No group was more surprised with who ended up with the blue and white checkered couch than his series costars who expressed their shock over the big reveal.

"I don't know what it is John, but it comforts me," Bob Sagat, who played morning show anchor Danny Tanner on the sitcom, wrote.

Candace Cameron Bure, who played Sagat's daughter and Stamos' niece, DJ Tanner, in the series added, "You got it?! Not Bob?"

Jodie Sweetin, who brought to life DJ's younger sister Stephanie, added, "WHAAAAATTTT?!"

Andrea Barber, who starred as annoying neighbor Kimmy Gibbler, added bluntly, "Thief!"

Credit: Everett Collection

A variety of couches were used throughout Full House's original eight seasons, and the one in Stamos' possession is one of them. Series production designer Jerry Dunn told EW in 2016 executive producer Bob Boyett had a treasure trove of items packed away in storage including the famous sofa that they were able to borrow from to recreate the interior of the San Fransico home for Netflix.

The couch was so vintage, Barber had an allergic reaction to it during the sequel's first two weeks of filming. Luckily, they had it professionally cleaned and it was used throughout the show's five seasons.

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