Mulaney knows how to tell a story, even when it's about his bizarre dream about the Princess Bride director.

A year ago we were all talking about Arya Stark's baller moment in Game of Thrones' battle of Winterfell and Avengers: Endgame's baller moment at the box office. Now, we're talking about John Mulaney's weird dream about Rob Reiner. How times have changed.

The comedian knows how to make a story entertaining, even when he's telling Stephen Colbert on the Late Show all about this weird dream journey he had during quarantine. He wrote it down because it legitimately "perplexed" him.

"I do an interview about Rob Reiner, who I don't know in real life, and I worked with Rob Reiner in some small way," Mulaney begins. "I am uncomfortable during this interview because I don't know him well enough and I am self-conscious that I will say something wrong." Oddly specific, but let's keep going.

"I tell the interviewer three things, one of which I think Rob Reiner might find too candid," he adds. "So, then I see Rob Reiner at a reception at a room with lots of floor-to-ceiling windows. It's not all glass. There's some light wood, too." Again, oddly specific.

In this dream, Reiner doesn't reference the question that had Mulaney worried and instead asks to drive him around to see the cherry blossoms. "We are in the car. There's a sense that we cannot get out of the car in a semi-COVID quarantine way," Mulaney continues. "I keep pulling up super close to the cherry blossoms. Like, we'll be under a tree and the blossoms will be touching the windshield." Reiner doesn't seem to be acknowledging the blossoms, but Mulaney is anxious that he read the worrisome interview question and is being over polite. He falls asleep, wakes up, Reiner hands him a pill Mulaney in real life gives his dog for acid reflux, Reiner says wake up, and then Mulaney actually wakes up.

Colbert thinks it has something to do with anxiety, perhaps that Mulaney said something to someone he admires who may or may not have heard what you have said. In any case, here's a late-night TV segment and an entire article about Mulaney's dream. Quarantine, clearly, is going very well.

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