The F9 star confirmed to Jimmy Fallon this week that a return to the ring is in the cards.


Back in May, John Cena posted the WWE logo to his Instagram page which a lot of his fans took to mean his return to the ring. Well, the F9 and Suicide Squad star confirmed "those rumors are true" in a conversation with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Wednesday.

"I'll definitely be back to the WWE. I just don't know when," Cena said, prompting a few gasps from the audience.

Referring to the Instagram post he shared weeks ago, he mentioned, "I was feeling rather nostalgic about the WWE and I just wanted to post the logo. Some people took it as I was returning immediately, which that's not the case, but I haven't had my last match and I can't wait to have my next one."

Cena has been booked and busy on the acting front with F9 hitting theaters this week; The Suicide Squad and a comedy called Vacation Friends both hitting theaters this August; and the HBO Max Peacemaker series, a spin-off of The Suicide Squad about Cena's character, currently in production.

"All of these opportunities have led to more opportunities," the actor noted in explaining the delayed WWE return.

"I've said before, once you do one of these things, the insurance doesn't let you go wrestle on the weekends," he added. "So, we'll see what happens."

Watch Cena's full interview with Fallon in the video above.

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