James Corden presents Drug Mule, the next live-action Disney origins movie.

The Jonas Brothers and James Corden have the next live-action Disney origins movie already lined up after Cruella.

Joe Jonas stars as Eeyore in a Late, Late show parody video for the origin story movie about this Winnie the Pooh character.

This is the tale of how Eeyore became so depressed, and it has to do with his time working as a drug mule. With the bills piling up around Pooh (Kevin Jonas) and Tigger (Nick Jonas), Eeyore thinks he has a good idea to earn more money.

The gang didn't stop there. Corden also presented treatments for the Disney origins movie about Tony, the restaurant owner and waiter from Lady and the Tramp who gives the pups spaghetti. This was followed by another spoof of Kevin starring as the woman in Beauty and the Beast who frantically screams "I need six eggs" in the opening musical number.

After a live-action Lilo & Stitch, apparently anything is possible.

Watch the CBS late-night show's parody above.

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