The comedian and late-night host celebrated his return to 30 Rock with a song.

Jimmy Fallon is back at his 30 Rock studio to film episodes of the Tonight Show for the first time since March, and is celebrating with a song.

On Monday, the comedian and host returned to NBC's New York headquarters to film his late-night show and put together a little song to commemorate the big moment. Fallon has been filming the Tonight Show from home for the past few months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fallon kicked things off by sharing how glad he was to be in the studio, before breaking into a rendition of "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" with some lyric alterations. "It's beginning to look a lot like normal/The Roots are looking grand, we’ve got the greatest band/The audience is ready for show," he sang, before pausing to make the amendment that there is, in fact, no audience joining him in the studio. Fallon demonstrated that guests will still be joining him by video call when Tracy Morgan dialed in and proceeded to get cut off by a bad connection every few seconds — especially frustrating when Morgan made the claim that he's running for mayor of New York City during the call...

Throw in some dance breaks with virtual dancers and things were truly a little more like the pre-lockdown days ,or as Fallon put it, "So maybe it’s not totally normal, it’s not quite like before, but I’ll with you every night trying to shed some light until things are actually normal once more. Merry Christmas once more or whatever time of year it is — I’ve lost track of time."

Watch the video above.

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