Fallon said thank you with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a Subway $5 gift card.

MSNBC's resident "map daddy," a.k.a. Steve Kornacki, got a surprise from upstairs office neighbor Jimmy Fallon for being the election poll tracker of our dreams.

On The Tonight Show Monday, Fallon thanked all the journalists for keeping viewers up to date on the election that dragged on for almost a week before being called in Joe Biden's favor. But he had Kornacki specifically in mind since he "was up late" on MSNBC reporting on the latest stats coming in. "I was getting scared. At one point he was falling down," Fallon joked.

Since MSNBC and The Tonight Show crews share the same office building, Fallon popped over to Kornacki's office to surprise him with a small bottle of Jack Daniels and a $5 Subway gift card. "Man, his office is just a mess," Fallon warned.

"I'm charged, I'm feeling OK," Kornacki assured Fallon as a true chart-throb. "They put me back into preservation for about three-and-a-half years."

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