Comedian Jim Gaffigan is back with a new comedy special on Amazon Prime Video.

Above is your exclusive first look at Jim Gaffigan: The Pale Tourist, a two-part special being released on the heels of the Emmy-winning actor and comedian's global stand-up tour.

The special was filmed in Ontario, Canada and Barcelona, Spain and features Gaffigan performing a comedy high-wire act of sorts: Gaffigan arrived in each country with no previously scripted jokes, then took some time to experience local culture and food, and then wrote and performed all-new material for each show. Touring comedians often write a few new jokes to open their sets after they arrive in a new city, but doing an entire show of untested local material — and then releasing it as a special, no less — is rare indeed and takes a high level of confidence and skill.

"So happy for everyone to see Pale Tourist," Gaffigan wrote. "It’s pretty ironic it had such a focus on international tourism given that is something so unattainable right now." (Obviously, the footage was shot before the coronavirus pandemic.)

Gaffigan is coming off a big year, having appeared in eight films — including his first leading role in a comedy, Being Frank, and his first lead role in a drama, American Dreamer. He was also in Troop Zero, Them That Follow, and Light From Light. Gaffigan was also recently named one of the world’s highest-grossing comedians by Forbes, and streaming audio company Pandora declared Gaffigan their most popular comic with more than 1 billion plays to date.

Gaffigan’s previous comedy special, Quality Time, was Amazon Prime Video’s first stand-up special.

Jim Gaffigan: The Pale Tourist premieres July 24.

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