Jim Carrey as Joe Biden on 'SNL'
Credit: NBC

Jim Carrey will not be inaugurated as Saturday Night Live's next sitting president.

The actor announced Saturday that he will be stepping down from the role of President-elect Joe Biden, whom he's been playing on the NBC show since the season 46 premiere in October. "Though my term was only meant to be 6 weeks, I was thrilled to be elected as your SNL President...comedy’s highest call of duty," Carrey wrote in a tweet. "I would love to go forward knowing that Biden was the victor because I nailed that s---. But I am just one in a long line of proud, fighting SNL Bidens!"

Indeed, Woody Harrelson and Jason Sudeikis both essayed the role of the former V.P. before Carrey took up the mantle. It's unclear who will succeed him, but whoever does will be in it for the long haul as Biden takes office as President.

SNL has been bringing in many high-profile guest stars to play political figures in recent seasons, from Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer to Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, who ultimately rode out the full four years of the President's term despite his oft-stated hatred of the job.

The final SNL of 2020 airs Saturday night, with host Kristen Wiig and musical guest Dua Lipa.

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