Move over, GTL.

Dear Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans: Prepare for the return of note-related drama.

Ahead of the hit reality series' return to MTV Thursday night, EW has the exclusive season 5 super teaser, which includes BDSM, TMZ, possible dead bodies, and… a message anonymously slipped under Mike's door.

Now, if you're asking why there's so much note talk here, then you clearly aren't an OG Jersey Shore fan.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation
'Jersey Shore Family Vacation'
| Credit: mtv

Back in the Miami-set season 2 of the franchise's first iteration, Jenni and Snooki decided the best way to inform Sammi (so many i's!) of Ronnie's grossly public infidelity was to go to a coffee shop and type up a note on one of the establishment's computers (it was 2010).

So what new, uh, situation could this letter expose? Are Vinny and Angelina finally running off together? Is Pauly thinking about shaving his head?

Find out for yourself when Jersey Shore Family Vacation begins its latest trip (yes, the Florida Keys is in the U.S., Mike) Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. And watch the teaser below.

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