Jeremy Piven
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If your entourage has a pile of money sitting around, what better way to spend it than on some digital face time with Jeremy Piven?

The Entourage actor is willing to subject himself to 10-minute Zoom calls with fans for the low, low price of just $15,000, joining the long list of celebrities who are selling pre-recorded messages and video chats via Cameo. (A prerecorded message from Piven runs at a mere $400.)

A representative for Cameo, a virtual marketplace that connects fans with their favorite celebrities at varying price points, says that while they use "their own supply and demand metrics to suggest prices to talent," it is ultimately up to the celebrity to "choose their own prices." Representatives for Piven did not immediately respond to EW's request for comment.

For comparison, Lance Bass is charging $249 for recorded video/$1250 for Zoom Call, Sean Astin runs at $295/$599, Andrew Dice Clay is a bargain for $299/$1400, and skating legend Tony Hawk is available for just $200/$1000.

Most famous for portraying Hollywood super-agent Ari Gold on HBO's Entourage, Piven's other credits include Miami Rhapsody, Grosse Pointe Blank, The Larry Sanders Show, Serendipity, Old School, Scary Movie 3, Smokin' Aces, and Mr. Selfridge.

Zoom calls is a newly added feature to Cameo. Company founder and CEO Steven Galanis said on Twitter that while prices seem high, they're a much better deal than pre-recorded videos.

"If we do find product-market fit, the market maker in me is extremely interested to see what this does for pricing of our core," Galanis said. "Right now Cameo zoom calls seem expensive on an absolute basis but cheap on a per-minute basis when compared to Cameo videos."

Purchasers agree they'll abide by Cameo's terms and conditions, which means it's up to the talent as to how they'll fulfill a recorded video request, if at all. Buyers will learn within seven days of purchase if their request has been approved or declined.

Zoom calls work a little differently. Purchasers are expected to comply with Cameo's acceptable use policy, and talent can disconnect from an active call at any time with anyone who doesn't.

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