No one even guessed, "Who is Rick James, b----!"

By Rosy Cordero
January 28, 2021 at 05:08 PM EST


Whether you love him, hate him, or something in between, Dave Chappelle is one of the most popular comedians of our time, with multiple Emmy and Grammy Awards to his name.

But a trio of contestants on Jeopardy weren't able to identify him when he popped up as a visual clue on Wednesday's episode.

"This comedian displayed his drama chops in A Star is Born, playing Bradley Cooper's longtime friend," guest host Ken Jennings read aloud during the Double Jeopardy round while an image of Chappelle appeared on screen.

Twitter subsequently lit up with commentary from viewers who ridiculed the contestants for failing to recognize the Chappelle's Show star.

"Watching Jeopardy last night and screaming at my TV, 'Who is Dave Chappelle, Who is Dave Chappelle???'" tweeted @DrewShave. "How can they not know who he is? Put down the book and watch some Netflix or Comedy Central. Live a little people."

"Exciting Jeopardy on the books but NO ONE knew who Dave Chappelle was," said @Courtcam, adding, "With a photo clue!"

"How did nobody know that was the GREAT Dave Chappelle?!" wondered @BeauDalleoMusic.

One Jeopardy viewer suggested the issue wasn't with Chappelle at all.

"I think it's less about not knowing Dave Chappelle and more about the fact that those contestants didn't see A Star Is Born," @IamGregBach said.

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