A clairvoyant Jeopardy contestant is not only a great premise for a supernatural Quiz Show sequel, it's also what we seem to have on our hands in real life.

Not really, of course, but recent Jeopardy champion Katie Sekelsky has revealed that, in a wild coincidence, she predicted one of her game-winning totals before her four-day run on the quiz show. "The night before my first @Jeopardy taping, I was alone in the hotel, trying to calm down and 'visualizing' a win," Sekelsky wrote on Twitter Wednesday. "I sketched myself at a podium, with a winning-type dollar amount. And that winning-type dollar amount was $19,201."

As shown in a side-by-side photo in her tweet, Sekelsky finished Tuesday's episode of Jeopardy with exactly that amount, after wagering $7,601 on Final Jeopardy. In total, she racked up $35,899 during her three-game winning streak, plus an additional $2,000 for finishing in second place on Wednesday's episode.

In a second tweet, Sekelsky emphasized that this "prediction" was pure coincidence and did not factor into her Final Jeopardy bid. "This was not on my mind at all while wagering," she wrote. "I was just betting what I needed to in case [fellow contestant] Erin bet everything and got it right.... I agree that this is hard to believe. But I assure you I was merely making the wager that a year+ of wager strategy studying prepared me for."

She added that she sent a photo of the drawing to multiple people before taping her shows, writing, "THERE ARE RECEIPTS."

It's worth noting that some Jeopardy contestants have gotten creative with wager amounts in the past. Legendary champ James Holzhauer, for instance, was known to calculate totals that would correspond to key dates in his life; he won $110,914 on one episode, matching up with his daughter's birth date, 11/09/14.

Today anchor Savannah Guthrie is currently hosting Jeopardy as part of the show's rotating slate of guest hosts. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta is up next, with hosts including George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts, and LeVar Burton to follow.

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