"Green Bay Packers?"

By Andrea Towers
April 14, 2021 at 11:10 AM EDT

Jeopardy! hosts are known for having a little fun with their contestants — just think about all the times Alex Trebek made snarky (but funny) comments when contestants gave the wrong answer to a question. And on Tuesday's show, guest host Aaron Rodgers had some fun of his own when none of the contestants knew enough about football to know his own team.

Aaron Rodgers on Jeopardy
'Jeopardy!' guest host Aaron Rodgers' face says it all.
| Credit: Jeopardy!

All three players failed to answer the $400 clue from the "Title Waves" category that read "in the 1960's, these Midwesterners earned five NFL championship trophies." After no one even attempted to buzz in, Rodgers threw his hands in the air in mock disappointment, announcing the answer to a round of laughs: the Green Bay Packers, a.k.a. Rodgers' home team where he plays as a quarterback.

Rodgers tried to take the moment in stride, saying, "let us go again, I guess" while begrudgingly feigning hurt over the fact that no one had been able answer. But when the next answer from the same category — a harder clue for $600 — was correctly stated, Rodgers couldn't help but make an amusing dig, commenting, "Oh, you know that one."

In all fairness, the moment seems like a bit of payback for Rodgers, who got semi-trolled by a contestant at the beginning of his run last week when former champion Scott Shewfelt answered a Final Jeopardy! question by making a joke about the Packers losing to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, thanks to a controversial field goal at the NFC championship game back in January.

Rodgers is the latest in a string of guest hosts to take over leadership duties for the popular game show as Jeopardy! continues its search for a permanent replacement for Trebek, who died last November after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Although his time at the podium ends Friday, don't count Rodgers out: He may be in the running to return as the host at some point and he recently admitted to SiriusXM's Mad Dog Radio Show in an interview that he "would love to be the host of Jeopardy."

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