Dollar bills rained on Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers, but now the Golden Globe-winning actress, musician, and producer is returning the favor for unsuspecting Americans in her new Quibi series Thanks a Million.

The setup for the Lopez-produced docuseries is simple, but the effects are profound: "Ten grateful celebrities will each be giving away $100,000 to a person who's made a profound impact on their life," Lopez explains in the clip, while the footage goes on to show her — and other celebrities like Kevin Hart, Kristen Bell, Nick Jonas, and Tracy Morgan — kick-starting a chain of kindness with the exchange of cash.

Thanks a Million
Credit: Darren Michaels/Quibi

Upon accepting the money, recipients must literally pay it forward by giving half to someone who's made an impact on their lives. By the end of the show's 10-episode run, $1 million will be put into the hands of regular people around the country.

One of those people is a young girl in a wheelchair, whom Lopez visits to boost the child's self-confidence.

"You're a very special little girl," Lopez tells her. When the girl asks, "Am I really special?" in response, a teary-eyed Lopez gives her a resounding "Yes!"

Thanks a Million — also featuring Aaron Rodgers, Yara Shahidi, Gabriel Iglesias, Anthony Davis, and Karlie Kloss — debuts April 6 as part of the launch of Quibi, which offers mobile-primed streaming projects all clocking in with episodes under 10 minutes long. Watch the show's trailer above.

Thanks a Million
Credit: Quibi

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