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Alias star Jennifer Garner recently recreated *that* iconic pool scene from the J.J. Abrams spy thriller, this time with a more comedic take on the sexy moment — and even though she had promised her manager and publicist she would never share the video, she posted it anyways.

"Obviously they don’t want you posting something unattractive on purpose," Garner tells EW with a laugh. "They were like, 'Jennifer, you can look good in a bathing suit! Don’t put that out there!' Basically, 'You’ll never work again.'"

Garner can't stop laughing as she shares why she posted it anyway. "I just said, 'I will never look like that in a bathing suit. There’s no way. And I think it’s hilarious,'" she says. "And today’s the day, it’s going up!"

The fan-favorite, Emmy-nominated series Alias ran from 2001 to 2006. Garner, who will be seen next in the Netflix comedy film Yes Day, admits she hasn't watched it since it originally aired. "So somehow I came across that clip and I was just like, 'Are you kidding me? I should have walked around in a bathing suit for that entire year, and I didn’t even know!'" she says with another laugh. "Like, what the hell?"

As for whether she'd be interested in bringing Alias back now in the time of reboots and revivals? "For sure," she says, laughing again.

Earlier this month, Garner celebrated hitting 10 million followers on Instagram by posting a side-by-side recreation of the pool scene where, instead of rocking the blue swimsuit and stilettos, she opted for a wetsuit and slippers. "To celebrate all 10 million of you, here is THE video I promised my manager (hi, @nksolaka) and my publicist (hi, @mereowass) I would never post," she wrote in the caption.

Additional reporting by Rosy Cordero

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