By Jolie Lash
May 27, 2021 at 10:57 PM EDT

Now that's a throwback Thursday.

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox found a fun way to celebrate the premiere of the Friends reunion on HBO Max.

Aniston went "like, way, way" back in her social media post, sharing an interview she did on set in what seems to have been before the show premiered in 1994. "[We're] pretty much in shock every day that we come to work and we just realize how well we all get along," Aniston tells the interviewer as the clip opens. "No one gets on anyone's nerves, and no one gets picked on more than the other," she adds.

The adorable clip shows Aniston breaking into laughs as Matthew Perry crashes the interview by moving stage lighting, and walking through the shot. Matt LeBlanc bumps into her while pushing a ladder at another moment, and Lisa Kudrow offers to make the interview more fun by offering to introduce a fire extinguisher.

"The boys thought it'd be funny if I walked through with this as part of the bit," Kudrow tells the woman who'd end up becoming one of her lifelong pals.

Cox got into the reunion spirit by breaking out blue overalls and a red shirt, and grabbing a seat on a couch in her Instagram video, pairing it with a clip from the show, showing her character, Monica, in a similar look.

"Feels like yesterday," she captioned the clip.

Perry shared an Instagram Story, showing him as Chandler Bing, jumping side to side in a happy dance. "Reunited with my friends tonight," he wrote on the pic.

matthew perry instagram
Credit: Matthew perry/instagram

Kudrow joined in the celebration on social, too, re-sharing Aniston's post and the reunion trailer.

Be sure to check out all of EW's Friends reunion coverage.

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