As Dylan and Brenda begin season 2 with a breakup, 90210MG podcaster Garth is feeling anxious about what's to come.

She has to be Team Kelly, right?

Jennie Garth is so close to finally – after all these years – watching the Beverly Hills, 90210 love triangle that emerged between Brenda (Shannen Doherty), Dylan (Luke Perry), and her character, Kelly, during the Fox show's run. Garth and BFF Tori Spelling, who played Donna, recently started watching and talking about the second season of the show for their iHeartRadio 90210MG podcast, and that's the season where Brenda and Dylan break up in the first episode.

"I'm nervous!" the actress told Us Weekly about getting to the show milestone. "It's weird, even now, before the triangle's even happening, there are some times when Kelly and Brenda and Dylan are in scenes together and I'm thinking, 'Oh, like, is it weird? What's she going to [to do]? Is there a weirdness happening? Is this foreshadowing?' Getting into that will be interesting. I'm pretty sure I will feel awkward."

In fact, Garth did get into some of those weird moments in 90210MG's most recent pod drop, where she, Spelling, and radio host Sisanie discussed watching "Beach Blanket Brandon," the first episode of season 2. It's the one where Brandon (Jason Priestley) goes to work at a beach club (it aired in July 1991) and Kelly goes to the gynecologist with Brenda and Dylan as they go through a pregnancy scare.

"I was thinking, 'Is it weird that Kelly's there because I know what I know?'" Garth said on the podcast's May 3 ep. "But in that moment, it wasn't weird at all because, yeah, if you were going through something scary like that, you'd want your best friend there and your boyfriend."

Garth confirmed to Us Weekly that this is the first time she's actually sat down to watch her old show all the way through, and it's been surprisingly fun.

"I was really excited to dive in because I have never watched the show back from the beginning. Never watched a full episode, never sat there, and really committed to watching it. So now watching it back, we're watching it from sort of a fan perspective and I'm sucked in. I'm all in," she told the mag. "I love the show. I think it's great. I can't believe I was on it. It doesn't even look like me. I don't even know that person, but I'm definitely a fan."

Beverly Hills, 90210 began airing its second season in the summer of '91. Spelling explained on the most recent podcast that their early start came from an idea her dad, show executive producer Aaron Spelling, had.

"We had our first season. It wasn't the ginormous success that the show inevitably became and they were thinking of new ways to try to beach everybody to the punch… and I believe the story is my dad said, 'Well, what if we do something at the beach club?'" she recounted, noting he suggested premiering during the summer.

Something that helped the show in the ratings was the TV landscape, Garth recalled.

"You didn't have a million streaming networks or platforms where you could watch whatever you want at any time," Garth shared with her co-hosts, noting how viewers had to wait for episodes of their favorite shows.

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