The series creator also shares how Peter Jackson helped inspire an important element of the show.

Ahead of Wellington Paranormal's July 11 debut on the CW, series creator Jemaine Clement teases what's ahead for its protagonists, officers Minogue (Mike Minogue) and O'Leary (Karen O'Leary), starting with season 1 and into the future.

The horror-comedy is a spin-off of the 2014 film What We Do in the Shadows, and follows the aforementioned officers battling paranormal creatures trying to settle in the New Zealand capital.

"Minogue and O'Leary were first introduced in the movie What We Do in the Shadows, and we didn't have names for the characters when we cast them in it. So they called each other by their respective names [and it stuck]," Clement says of the duo during a recent press day with EW. "We thought they were so funny, so we decided to make a show about them. They're particularly funny in the way they react because they don't really know what's going on, but they try to keep their cool as these bizarre things are happening around them."

The duo would be completely lost without Sergeant Ruawai Maaka (Maaka Pohatu), their fearless leader who welcomes them into his secret room in the series premiere, revealing where he keeps detailed records of the paranormal activity in the area.

"He's the leader of the paranormal unit, and he's not even sure if he's supposed to have a paranormal unit," Clement says with a laugh. "He has this little office that's behind a shelf which was actually inspired by Peter Jackson. When Taika and I had a meeting with him once, he had a secret room hidden behind a shelf. His was much nicer than the sergeant's, which is full of paper clippings, pictures of UFOs, and stuff like that."

Wellington Paranormal
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Wellington Paranormal will also debut on HBO Latin America on an as-yet-unknown date, something that Clement is excited about. Should he and Waititi decide on making season 5, it's possible the team might confront legendary beasts like the infamous chupacabra next. And maybe even travel outside the country.

"We had a vampire in the Shadows movie [Cori Gonzalez-Macuer] who is from Chile, so maybe he can bring something back from his original homeland," Clement teases. "I'd really love to see the team go somewhere else, too. And if it's Latin America, it would be awesome if they'd learn Spanish."

Wellington Paranormal debuted in the island nation in 2018 and just wrapped its third season. Clement confirms season 4 is currently in post-production, but he's unsure if it will continue beyond that as he and Waititi focus on a new series.

Fans have begged Clement and Waititi to bring Minogue and O'Leary to the U.S. since its debut but the pair had legal reasons they could not. The producing partners were bound to a contract with FX that prevented them from releasing another series for a specific amount of time, which has now passed.

U.S. viewers needn't worry about lagging behind for long, more episodes are coming down the pipeline. He says season 2 "is going to play directly after the first one followed by a break then 3 and 4." Each season consists of six episodes that run 30 minutes each.

Wellington Paranormal is a joint acquisition between the CW and HBO Max. Episodes will air weekly first via the CW starting July 11 and the following day via HBO Max.

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