Supernatural creator Eric Kripke has been trying to reunite with his former star on the Amazon Prime Video drama.

According to Jensen Ackles, none of his friends were more supportive of his casting as Soldier Boy in The Boys season 3 than Jeffrey Dean Morgan, his comrade from Supernatural. That's because the actor is a big fan of the Emmy-nominated drama and has been trying to get on the show himself.

Showrunner Eric Kripke, who knows both stars because, you know, he also created Supernatural, tells EW he tried to make a Morgan cameo work. The man, however, is just too busy.

Kripke extended an offer for a role on season 3 over Twitter in January 2020 after Morgan praised The Boys in a tweet. "I'll make you a deal," Kripke wrote at the time. "Season 3. I'll write it, and if you're avail, come shoot it!"

Morgan replied, "In a heartbeat!"

The universe, however, had other plans for him. "I don't know exactly what was in the works for that, but I know that there were some preliminary conversations of how and what and when and why that just didn't work out with Jeff's schedule," Ackles explains. "He's a busy man, and everybody wants him to come on their show."

The Boys, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
'Supernatural' creator Eric Kripke has been trying to reunite with Jeffrey Dean Morgan over on 'The Boys.'
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Will Morgan be able to make it for season 4? Though the series has not formally been renewed (as of now, it seems likely) Kripke says "the question has been asked," but he doesn't think it'll happen.

"Sad for me, happy for him: He's currently the lead, along with Lauren Cohan, on the Walking Dead spin-off," Kripke says. "So, schedule-wise, I don't know. We might still remain star-crossed, unfortunately, because I did ask. We had a role come up, and my first question was, 'Well, is Jeffrey available?' "

Morgan is planning to star in Isle of the Dead, a new live-action spin-off to The Walking Dead with Cohan that is set in New York City. AMC is planning to premiere the show in 2023.

Kripke hasn't spoken with Morgan directly yet (aside from Twitter interactions), so perhaps a Boys role could still work out. In any case, the producer is intrigued by Isle of the Dead. "I enjoy that it's two Supernatural alum in the lead of that show," he remarks. "That makes me feel good for our creeping Supernatural world dominance."

Ackles says Morgan was "over the moon" and kept calling him after the Soldier Boy casting. "He kept texting me for updates [while I was] on set," Ackles says. "He was like, 'Give me spoilers.' And I was like, 'No, stop it.' He's very convincing."

Now that Ackles is a part of The Boys, he hopes Kripke can find some way of welcoming Morgan. "I'd love to invite him into this fold because it's nutty," he says.

The Morgan-less season 3 of The Boys premieres this June 3 on Amazon.

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