The mystery-solving millennials will embark on an "altruistic but terrifying journey" in the HBO Max comedy's next installment.

We finally have an idea what Search Party season 5 will look like after Dory (Alia Shawkat) almost met her maker in the season 4 finale — and it entails a very special cameo.

Jeff Goldblum will have a recurring role in the mystery satire's upcoming season, portraying Tunnel Quinn, "a charismatic tech billionaire who enters a very public business partnership with Dory on the other side of her near-death experience," reads the press release from HBO Max.

Dory eventually pulls her friends — Portia (Meredith Hagner), Elliott (John Early), and Drew (John Reynolds) — into the venture, which leads them to embark on "an altruistic but terrifying journey."

Jeff Goldblum; Search Party
Jeff Goldlum; Alia Shawkat as Dory in 'Search Party'
| Credit: Pari Dukovic; Jon Pack/HBO Max

Search Party's fourth season followed Portia, Elliott, and Drew as they searched for Dory after she was kidnapped by an insane stalker, Chip (Cole Escola). This harrowing experience forced Dory to confront some uncomfortable truths about herself that she'd long been avoiding and crescendoed with her almost dying in a fire. But paramedics arrived and saved her in time, and in the season finale's last scene, Dory jolted awake and declared, "I saw everything!"

When we spoke to creators Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers at the end of season 4, they said they wrote the finale in such a way that it could function as the end of the series but were were open to working on future installments. HBO Max recently renewed the series as the duo signed an overall deal with the streaming service.

"We wanted this season to have a culminating energy to it, especially because it's about giving in and finally admitting things about yourself," Rogers told EW. "There's something about that that has a conclusive nature to it, where if it were the last season, you could be satisfied with the characters all having a sense of catharsis. But also every season has a cliffhanger that sets up something that would be interesting to unpack. So in that regard… there's still [a] story to tell on the other side of having a [near]-death experience, if there was to be another season."

Only time will tell what else is in store for Dory and her messy millennial friends, but until then we're counting down the days until Goldblum joins the Party.

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