The actors appeared in a re-creation of a season 3 Facts of Life episode as love interests for Jennifer Aniston's Blair and Allison Tolman's Natalie.

The Bluth brothers are back together!

On Tuesday night's Live in Front of a Studio Audience, Arrested Development actors Jason Bateman and Will Arnett reunited to take on surprise guest star roles in the ABC special.

Appearing on a recreated episode of The Facts of Life, the duo played Bates Academy boys and dates for some of the girls, including Blair (Jennifer Aniston) and Natalie (Allison Tolman). Arnett plays Dink, Blair's beau, and Bateman is Tim, Natalie's crush.

As part of the now semi-annual tradition hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Norman Lear, the guys appeared in a re-creation of season 3, episode 20, "Kids Can Be Cruel." The episode follows the Eastland girls as they prepare for a charity event involving a box dinner auction, which includes plenty of scheming to land dates with their crushes. Things get complicated when Blair's Slam Book (think Mean Girls' Burn Book) gets drawn into the proceedings.

live before a studio audience
Will Arnett, Jason Bateman
| Credit: Christopher Willard/abc

Bateman and Arnett appeared in fine form, riffing with each other and on their straight-man and confident idiot personas honed so well on Arrested Development. They both sported ridiculous wigs to nod to the original 1982 airing of the episode.

But it was ultimately Jon Stewart's headgear-wearing Carl that won the evening, and a date with Blair.

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