The actor says he "would love to" reprise his role as "the Man" in the HBO Max crime series.

Will viewers see Jamie Dornan reprise his role of 'the Man' in a second season of HBO Max's Australia-set mystery-crime series The Tourist?

According to Dornan, sibling show writers Harry and Jack Williams originally planned to conclude the Man's tale with its initial, just-released six episodes. But the project was a hit when it premiered in the U.K. earlier this year, and we wouldn't be giving much away in saying its finale ends with one hell of a cliffhanger.

The Tourist
Jamie Dornan in 'The Tourist'
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"That wasn't the plan, to be honest," says Dornan, when EW asks if we'll be seeing his character again. "We all signed up for one."

But he's quick to add he's been here before. "The Fall was meant to be one series," he explains, referring to his previous crime show, which co-starred Gillian Anderson. "There was big demand for The Fall, obviously, and we did a couple more [seasons]. In the U.K. and Ireland and Australia, and anywhere it's been so far, people seem to love The Tourist, so who knows? I know conversations are being had. So we'll see what we get to, but I would love to."

Dornan's costar Danielle Macdonald, whose cop character Helen befriends the amnesia-struck Man on the show, is also in the dark about the future of The Tourist.

"It was always meant to be, like, one and done," she says. "Then it did very well in the U.K. and people were like, 'Season 2!' So I have no idea. I mean, if the brothers are open to it, I am definitely open to it, because I had a lot of fun with this character. I guess we'll see."

In the series, Dornan's character wakes up in an Australian hospital with no idea who he is.

"So we meet this guy, whose literally known as the Man, and he looks pretty pleased with life, driving through the Outback, he's singing along to Kim Carnes, and he's in a happy place," says Dornan, describing the show's setup. "He gets into a big chase with a truck, the truck hits him off the road, he has a bad accident, and he wakes up in the hospital with no memory of why he's in Australia, or why anyone was trying to kill him."

Dornan adds, "He spends six pretty insane hours [of TV] trying to piece together who this guy is, and some really colorful and unique and obscure characters help him fill in the gaps."

All six episodes of The Tourist drop today on HBO Max. Watch the trailer for it below.

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