Just when you thought 2020 was out of surprises, along comes a TikTok musical about Thanksgiving.

On Tuesday's episode of The Late Late Show with James Cordenthe host surprised TikTok creator Daniel Mertzlufft by casting some huge Broadway stars in a musical he wrote about the Thanksgiving holiday. It all started after Corden saw Mertzlufft's musical post on the video-sharing platform about a fight in a grocery store. Impressed with his work, Corden invited the entrepreneur onto his show to create a new Thanksgiving musical, in which the late-night host would duet with him.

After playing a version of the song with just Corden and Mertzlufft, Corden went on to surprise the viral star with a few other guest appearances including Patti LuPone, Kristin Chenoweth, Audra McDonald, Josh Gad and Josh Groban. With Mertzlufft playing the role of a college kid who hates the holiday and Corden cast as the "Dad who's lovin' life!" (and super happy to have all his family back around him and a beer in his hand), Chenoweth was next to join the fun, playing "Mom who is *living* for Thanksgiving rn," complete with a glass of wine. Then, Gad joined in as the turkey who doesn't have much more to say other than "gobble gobble gobble gobble" and "this is the end."

But it didn't end there. The group was then joined by LuPone playing the "Saucy Granny" and enjoying every beverage available, including Everclear, before Groban popped in as "*that* uncle" who believes the election was rigged and calls the pandemic a "scamdemic" while squirting ketchup onto a gourd. Last, but certainly not least, McDonald appeared as the "Smoke detector, detecting" and beeped out some crazy high notes to warn the family that their Thanksgiving celebration was maybe getting a little too lit.

Naturally, Mertzlufft was delighted by the surprise, telling Corden that he was honored they had all taken part, especially LuPone, who he called his icon.

Watch the video above.

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