Based on Luke's recent day-saving move and an upcoming character introduction, the answer is definitely maybe.

Since Batwoman premiered in 2019, fans have been clamoring for Camrus Johnson's Luke Fox to suit up as the armored hero Batwing like he does in the comics. Johnson is constantly asked about it interviews. And it's easy to understand why: Batwing is a cool character with an awesome high-tech, Iron Man-like suit.

Up until now, nothing has happened on this front on the CW drama. Luke is typically confined to the Batcave providing technical support to Batwoman, both Kate Kane and Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder. That being said, the show has taken the opportunity to hint there's more to the suit-loving genius than computer skills, and if you're willing to read into recent (and upcoming) events on the series, there's evidence that Luke may be moving toward a suit-up.

In last week's episode, titled "Time Off for Good Behavior," Luke abandoned his monitor and ventured into the field to help Batwoman, who was outnumbered and surrounded by men with super-powered lightning guns. Luckily, Luke also had one of the weapons and blasted all three assailants, saving both Batwoman and the day.

"It was great," said Johnson about Luke's latest act of badassery in an interview with EW. "I'm in the Batcave every episode to the point where directors are like, 'Another Batcave scene!'" So, it was great. It was really fun for Luke to just get in the field and save the day for once. I mean, you should have [seen] me when I was on set, I was all smiles… I really hope Luke can really get in the field more often."

Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox on 'Batwoman.'
| Credit: The CW

Does this heroic moment mean Luke is inching closer to becoming Batwing? Johnson isn't sure but he's cautiously optimistic.

"I think Luke being able to finally leave the Batcave and enter the field gives us a bunch of hints of what he can do," said Johnson. "I'm not sure that him saving the day with that lightning gun will say, 'Hey, Batwing is coming.' I'm not sure if that's what that means. What it does mean is he can save the day, he is capable of more than the Batcave. We got a little hint of that in season 1 with the boxing scene when you saw him throwing hands on the bag. This is sort of our new boxing, our new reminder like, 'Hey, Luke is not just the guy in the suit. Luke does that have this other part of him that he sort of keeps down.' I really hope that that is a little hint and a little inch toward a future suit up. But you know, who knows."

To further add fuel to the speculation fire, this Sunday's episode, titled "Arrive Alive," introduces an important Batwing-related character from the comics: Russell Tavaroff. On Batwoman, Tavaroff is a Crows agent played by Jesse Hutch (Arrow, Wu Assassins), as recently released photos reveal (see below); however, in the pages of DC Comics, Tavaroff is Luke/Batwing's enemy Menace and gained his superhuman powers from the drug Snakebite. (Yes, Snakebite is also part of Batwoman season 2, but it's been altered for the show. In the DC Comics canon, it's related to Bane's Venom serum, but on the show, it's created from Scarecrow's fear toxin and allows the user to revisit moments they regret and change the outcome. But hey, maybe there's another Snakebite twist coming down the pike.)

Jesse Hutch as Agent Russel Tavaroff on 'Batwoman.'
| Credit: Bettina Strauss/The CW

As always with the Arrowverse shows, we should temper our excitement though because introducing a DC character like Tavaraoff doesn't mean the show will necessarily stick to the canon since all of the series love to put their own twists in on the lore to make it interesting for both readers and non-readers. But if you're looking for a sign that there are big things in Luke's future, his recent sojourn into the field and Tavaroff's debut may be what you need.

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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