The new Netflix series is set at a company creating conspiracies for the deep state.

Inside Job is a workplace comedy, but different. Very different, actually. The animated show, which premieres Oct. 22 on Netflix, stars Lizzy Caplan as a tech genius named Reagan Ridley, who works for a company, Cognito Inc., that creates and oversees the world's conspiracies.

"It's a workplace comedy about the deep state," says creator Shion Takeuchi. "It's about a woman who wants to make the world a better place by working for potentially mysterious overlords and her daily struggles managing a crazy group of coworkers."

LIZZY CAPLAN as REAGAN RIDLEY in episode 3, part 1 of INSIDE JOB
Lizzy Caplan as Regan Ridley on 'Inside Job'
| Credit: Courtesy of NETFLIX

But "crazy" does not begin to describe Reagan's staff.

"We have a half man, half dolphin military general named Glenn (John DiMaggio)," Takeuchi says. "We have a freewheeling hedonistic biochemist named Andre (Bobby Lee), a super-savvy media queen in charge of subliminal messages named Gigi (Tisha Campbell), and a psychic mushroom — who is an a--hole — named Myc (Brett Gelman). Reagan leads this group along with her office partner Brett (Clark Duke), who is a sweet, golden retriever–like bro who has all the social skills she does not."

The show's cast also includes Andrew Daly as Cognito CEO J.R. Scheimpough and Christian Slater as Reagan's father, Rand Ridley.

"Rand is [the] paranoid, disgraced ex-head of Cognito Inc.," says Takeuchi. "He is an egomaniac who is convinced the deep state is out to get him. He is down-and-out after his divorce from Reagan's mom and has invited himself to stay on her couch for an indeterminate amount of time."

In addition, EW can reveal that the cast features Chris Diamantopoulos, whose many credits include Silicon Valley and The Office. The actor voices the U.S. president and, more important, the Commander-in-Chief's robot double, Alpha-Beta.

"He's a robotic replica of the president that is meant to do the bidding of the deep state," says Diamantopoulos. "He's their puppet, [but] he's the most sophisticated AI, which means he is constantly learning."

The actor continues, "Adult animation gives you a creative license. This show to me is like The Office meets Family Guy meets The X-Files. It allowed me to tap into something I haven't gotten to play before. I'm doing my best sort of augmented Alec Baldwin."

LIZZY CAPLAN as REAGAN RIDLEY in episode 1, part 1 of INSIDE JOB
Lizzy Caplan as Reagan Ridley on 'Inside Job'
| Credit: Courtesy of NETFLIX

So what does Takeuchi think about EW's theory that she is part of a conspiracy to make people think the deep state is not overseeing conspiracies and that she, herself, is in the pay of the deep state?

"That's a very colorful theory," she says with laugh. "I'd say, if I was paid, I'm still waiting for my check and demand they add another zero to it, please!"

Inside Job premieres Oct. 22 on Netflix. Watch our exclusive sneak peek for it above.

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