Book 4 will now be the final season, EW can confirm.

Infinity Train, the animated series that changed tracks from Cartoon Network to HBO Max, deployed its first trailer for Book 4, EW can exclusively reveal. But the drop comes with the added news that this season will be the show's last.

Rumors about cancellation began after series creator Owen Dennis noted last year in a since-deleted tweet that most of the show's creatives had moved on to other projects. He later told io9 in an interview, "Infinity Train could get picked up for more [after season 3], but only if it gets a lot of views on HBO Max." WarnerMedia formally announced a renewal on the streaming platform in mid February, but now EW can confirm Book 4 will be the final installment when it premieres this April 15.

"I'm so thankful to the crew of Infinity Train for helping make it what it became and to the fans for their incredible support over the years," Dennis said in a statement. "While Book 4 is the end of the line, I'll always be grateful and never forget that this series has meant so much to so many people."

Infinity Train 4
Credit: HBO Max/Cartoon Network Studios

Each season of Infinity Train, produced by Cartoon Network Studios, centers on a different storyline and set of characters as they interact with a seemingly endless train. Its individual cars contain bizarre environments that the passengers must work through, while also dealing with their own trauma and issues. The show premiered on Cartoon Network in 2019 and ended up on HBO Max for its third season in August 2020.

Book 4 will now follow two old friends with dreams of becoming rock stars who find themselves on the Infinity Train. They must explore the locomotive's inner puzzles — and their own relationship — in order to return home, together.

Watch the trailer above.

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