From vintage windup robots to murder gloves, here's what the stars are keeping for themselves as the series ends.
How to Get Away with Murder
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After six seasons, How to Get Away With Murder is drawing to a twisty close.

The show leaves a legacy of shocking reveals and a startling body count, but for its cast, it also leaves behind more tangible items as part of its legacy. Catching up with the cast during their final days on set, they were all plotting — not how to get away with murder, of course, but how to keep a memento or two from their time on the ABC drama.

Star Viola Davis earned an Emmy for playing formidable defense attorney Annalise Keating, but that didn't stop her from trying to get her hands on any hardware they might share with her. "Everything they give me I’m gonna keep. Every coat, every dress, every pair of shoes," she told EW. "I wish I could take my trailer but that’s not going to happen."

Many of the Keating Four kept a token from the house they shared as roommates on the series. "I've already stolen a couple keepsakes from the Keating Four house. I've been planning ahead so I've been stealing stuff all season," Jack Falahee, who played Connor Walsh, joked. "There might be continuity errors, which is my fault. [When we] wrapped the Keating Four house, [they] said that if we wanted to take a small token, we could. I had been slowly stealing these little vintage windup robots that are on the bookshelf. So then all of us went and got them. Now we all have little Keating Four robots in our houses."

How to Get Away with Murder
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Falahee's onscreen partner Conrad Ricamora took a similarly nostalgic item from the house their characters shared as a couple. "For some reason Colliver always had dog statues wherever they lived," Ricamora said, using the popular couple name for Connor and Oliver. "I took two of the little dog statues that probably the audience could never see. But from day one, they were always in my apartment and then in the K4 house."

Karla Souza, who has had a daughter in the time since starting on the show as fierce law student Laurel Castillo, took a more practical approach to items, gathering props from her onscreen son Christopher's nursery. "I went into the Keating Four house, and I took some things for my daughter," she explained. "Christopher has a little ukulele and then some counting, wood vintage games and then this robot that you would not have seen on the show, but I knew that they were there."

She still managed to nab one piece from her own character's collection though. "Laurel's got some awesome Alexander McQueen boots that I've used like all of the seasons and I feel like they're so emblematic. Shoes are so important in terms of character and that's something else that I want to take," she mused.

Rome Flynn, who joined in season 5 as Gabriel, the secret son of Sam Keating, also opted for wardrobe items for his collection. "I’ll keep some jackets," he said. "It’s really hard to find jackets that fit and this wardrobe department has been amazing with bringing everything together for everyone."

Some members of the cast were more sentimental than others. Aja Naomi King, who portrayed Michaela, said she might take a few wardrobe items as tokens, but for the most part, she'll just watch the show if she ever finds herself feeling wistful.

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How to Get Away with Murder
Credit: ABC

Charlie Weber, the man behind sometimes hitman Frank Delfino, opted for a more sinister costume piece. "The one thing I need to take with me is Frank’s gloves. His murder gloves," he said. "That’s the one thing I have to have."

While Tom Verica, frequent guest star as murder victim number one, Sam Keating, has even more gruesome items in his collection."I have one of the puddles of blood that I spent most of the first season laying on the ground [with]," he said. "Laying in blood, some of it was real and some of it was liquid and there's this one small plastic puddle. I did keep that because I spent so much time with that puddle." Verica also has a framed version of the "missing" Sam Keating poster that went around when his body disappeared.

How to Get Away with Murder
Credit: Byron Cohen/ABC

The majority of the cast opted for wardrobe items or small props, and while Liza Weil did keep some of Bonnie's bright, cheery suits, she also went big, bringing home a piece of artwork from her character's home. "There is a painting in Bonnie's house that I really love," she explained. "I just find it this haunting image; it makes me think so much of Bonnie. I'm going to try to photograph it and print it on canvas."

How to Get Away With Murder concludes its six-season run on Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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